Policies and Values


  • Safety is our first priority in any outdoor experience.
  • A team lead by an outdoor expert is well trained to safeguard your journey.
  • We also have lady instructor/ volunteer in our team to take care of all your queries.


  • We realize that adventure and outdoor events is a costly thing but we make sure that every penny you paid will be worth it.
  • We don’t compromise the quality of our services to minimize the cost.
  • Though we have a variety of packages and event in all possible costs, affordable for all.

Our Responsibility Towards Heritage and Environment

  • We do not allow any kind of activity which will harm biodiversity, environment, heritage and local people in any form and or break any kind of government laws.
  • We regularly organise activities such as tree plantation, fort restoration, cleanliness drives and donation drives.


  • We believe in punctuality and professionalism in organising but on the ground, we deliberately try to keep a certain healthy amount of casualness and personal touch in activities.
  • You will not be stuck in formalities and rules to ruin your holidays, but we will make sure that you feel like you are travelling with your own group of buddies.