Corporate Outing in Pune

Corporate Outings

We organise customised tours for corporate companies and groups. Escape from all the traffic, cubical and computers..! This experience will boost your energy to work more efficiently. We have options such as Heritage walks, simple treks and trails, luxury outings and team building activities. Experience peace within & laughter through psychological activities with our experts. Our services are specifically customised to focus on the requirements of the particular group.

Heritage Tours

Every fort offers a unique and beautiful scenic view. Most of us visit forts to enjoy the environmental beauty they offer. Little do we care to acknowledge the history and the architecture of the fort or it’s geographic significance. We are sure though, that most of you would be intrigued by the above facts and would love to know them about any fort that you visit. We, hence, arrange infotainment tours to forts, Caves Archaeological Sites. These are treks/Tours wherein the history of the Site is discussed and the remnants of the architecture are explained.

Heritage Tours in Pune, Maharashtra
Trekkism in Pune


We organise treks to various mainstream and offbeat forts as well as jungles near Pune city. These places offer some of the most exquisite views. We organise seasonal treks like meteor shower, fireflies camping and monsoon specials. Night treks to varying intriguing locales are organised.


As the weather gets sunnier, we organise camping trips. We have found some beautiful and calm lakeside camping locales near Pune. You could sit quietly and enjoy the serene weather at night or you could participate in activities like storytelling, history telling, djembe session, singing, music around a bonfire.

Best camping In Pune Mumbai Fort
Best Corporate Educational Trips for Schools

Educational Trips for School

Breaking the typical norms of a school trip or educational trip, we customise our plans to entertain and enrich the children to have better perspectives about tourism. Rather than visiting sites, we club variety of activities such as simple and safe trekking, historical storytelling, camping’s, artistic activities and fun games. Focusing on the safety of every child is our first priority in case of outdoor activities.

History Telling Session
( गोष्ट इथे संपत नाही )

We organise history telling sessions in Pune every month. We are sure it would make you view our history in a new light. Meetups for discussions on travel and trekking experiences of people are held every month. They help you to explore more places in more detail view.

History Telling Session